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      Hi there all,

      I would love to have your review on this particular video:


      There are mistakes, I know. But please help me enriching my philosophy.



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      It wouod help if the white board had bolder print, in black to make your point with more emphasis

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      My advice that might make the video different to most other people that give this sort of advice is to give a real life example to support your top 10 points.


      For example, if you started the video with ‘Here are my top 10 tips for writing an essay’ and then followed that up with ‘Let’s say I have been given an essay on ‘Explain the use of camera angles in Hitchcock’s’ Psycho’’, then throughout your points you can reference your fake essay. ‘Research: I can then research books about Hitchcock and the use of camera angles in cinema’.


      Just a thought and I hope it made sense.


      I would also suggest working on the audio quality a little as it was fuzzy at times and may detract from the message.

      That said it is a wonderful idea and reminds me of the Whiteboard Friday series with Moz. Watch a few of their videos and see how they do it. Simple technique, but works really well.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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