Returning Panasonic AG-AC 90. Am I Crazy?

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      I purchased a Panasonic AG-AC 90 a few weeks ago. I purchased it because I was going to get into pro video and was sick and tired of recording with my DSLR. I have a friend that has a lacrosse league that I am doing video work for, so I decided I needed longer recording times, XLR audio, and a stellar autofocus system. The AC-90 has these and does it well, but the image quality is not comparable to my DSLR. (Nikon d5200) I feel like for about 2,000 dollars I should be getting more, and feel like I should return it and go for something like a Panasonic GH4. I really don't find myself using things like long recording times and autofocus enough to justify the 2,000 dollar purchase. I make YouTube videos and do alot of snippets of video that I want to be cinematic, so I feel like going the DSLR/mirrorless route is the way to go for that. But am I crazy?

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      Hi Jeremy – you're not crazy.  There are a lot of us who agree with you. You'll get a lot of pushback from the small-sensor traditional camcorder crowd, but the large sensor "look" is what audiences are used to from narrative television and motion pictures.  


      I use Nikon lenses on my GH4 and they look great.  If you really need camcorder-like features, it has autofocus (with system lenses), power zoom (again, with Panasonic PZ lenses) unlimited clip length and XLR inputs with the YAGH.


      If I were you, I would go ahead and trade the AG90 for a GH4 and a couple of power zoom lenses – and rent a YAGH when you need one.


      The GH4 can do just about anything the AG90 can do – but there's no way an AG90 could ever produce images that look like this:



      Good luck!



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      I'm new to videography but could you answer a question?  In that video things are usually 'moving' slowly, must be a pro video trick.  Like at :31 seconds in (How it slowly pans side to side).  Is that usually done in post production with software or is that done while recording?  Thanks in advance!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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