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      I would like to shoot in a very high resolution. So lately in postproduction I could zoom in greatly and still see all the details nice and clear.

      What do I need to do it? A camera or a specific lens?

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      You need to decide on your end resolution – which usually nowadays will be 1080 in most cases, although some still deliver 720. If you buy a 4K camera, this is the equivalent of 4 1080 frames. You can therefore zoom in and out and pan, and as long as you don’t go smaller than the 1080, resolution remains high. However – just because a camera is capable of a 4K frame, it doesn’t mean that the image is going to be mega sharp. A professional 4K camera doesn’t have to be mega expensive – like the black magic ones, but the glass on the front of them can be killer prices. A 4K lens can cost perhaps ten times the price of a BM camera? If you put cheaper glass on it, then your effective quality reduces. Shrink it, and it gets worse. I’ve got one of the small 4K go pro style cameras. Nice pictures in good light – but it’s not remotely the quality a BM can produce. I’m not even certain it’s much better than a 1080 version to be honest. The files are 4 times as big, so you can do a little zooming, but the pictures go soft quickly.

      What is your budget? That will set your limit, I suspect.

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