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      Hi, thanks for your kind welcome to the Videomaker Forum!


      This is my first post and I'd like to ask a question of anyone checking out this post?


      I work as a professional singer and I've produced and maintain my own website to promote my show.


      I'm looking for a good piece of software to produce a promo video for my website, and I found one example here…


      Does anyone know where I can obtain some software or a video FX program that can do this type of thing, ideally this exact framework?

      It would be great to be able to take a basic 'Vegas' framework and put in my own video and sound-tracks to produce a finished Vegas themed promo video!


      Thanks for your time and attention,



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      It looks like After Effects was used to create that promo video. There are a lot of free ones out there (I know because I've used several of them) and a lot more paid ones. I substitute my video and graphics for the ones used in the original and it looks like I spent hours on it when in reality it was no more than 15 or 20 minutes plus render time.



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      Thanks Mike,


      I'll take a look around and see what free or 'paid for' versions I can find?

      If you have any links to good sources for this type of thing, I'd be really grateful if you could post them here ore-mail them to me at


      Thanks again for taking the time out to reply to my question, much appreciated.


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      You could do that on After Effects – BUT – the monthly payments are pretty steep, and it is a SERIOUSLY complex piece of software. I've been editing and shooting for a long time, and an Adobe user for probably nigh on 20 years. That video uses some pretty straightforward moves once you have created the objects – and there are lots of them. Motion tracking is also quite time consuming, so that video will have taken a very long time to produce – days, not hours. It's also something a beginner would fail at the first hurdle – have a look at some of the youtube after effects tutorials to do basic stuff, and see how complex they are – then multiply them by 100 or more.


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      Ian,  I goggled "las vegas strip after effects template" and this came up. It sure looks like the project that you're looking for. Now all you have to do is customize it to your specific needs – and find someone with After Effects if you don't already own it πŸ™‚



Viewing 4 reply threads
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