Replacing the Nikon D5300

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Hello guys,
I'm a starting filmmaker and bought the Nikon D5300 a few months ago. The main reason for this DSLR was the 1080p 60fps function, for slow motion of course. The Nikon was my first camera ever, but I managed to learn very quickly, so I'm pretty good at photography and filming already. However, I start to miss the advantages of DSLM cameras, focus peaking, lighting simulation etc., things my D5300 hasn't got. The video quality with a maximum of 35 mbit/s in 60fps is not enough as well, as I really would like to film in higher quality. So I did some research and would like to purchase the Sony A6000 because she got all the little futures I wish for and the cam records video in 50 mbit/s in XAVS. I don't think I'll need 4k video footage in the near future as I got not enough resources to edit it. Well, it is not very necessary. (Therefore I don't think about the 6300 yet, unless the upgrade would have improvements on the 1080p footage as well).

I mainly record music videos, montages(after event movies), using lots of slow motion. But I plan to do some image films/short films in real motion as well.

Now my question is, is the Sony A6000 a good alternative, how I thought it would be? Or are there other better options for me on the market? I think my budget would be about 600 to 800 €/$ for the body alone, so does someone have advice for me?

Thank you in advance!