Replacing my camcorder?

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      I teach online video classes for silver smithing. I film myself with my old Sony DCR-TRV30 camcorder with IMOVIE and loved it very much ( HI8 tapes that record 60 min of video -wide angle lens, the remote control zoom and pause feature which worked with my tripodloved the audio and auto focus.). Sadly, I just upgraded my OS and IMOVIE software and now my sony firewire no longer works with my mac. hours with tech support and new cables turn up. seems the sony fire wire port may be broken and its not compatible any more with my mac.

      I’m overwhelmed at looking for replacement for my old sony. The new camcorders look like crap compared to the one i have now. DSLR just doesn’t seem comparable. Can you give me any suggestions? I’m really in the dark. I’d really appreciate some advice from all of you who know.
      Thank you.

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