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      I am almost done editing a 90 minutes piece in SD. I just found out the whole thing was shot in HD back in 2006. The client, mysteriously, imported the tapes from Premiere Elements 4.0 in SD.

       If I retransfer all the footages in HD format, do I have to reedit everything all over again or is there a way to synch them?

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      So, to make sure I understand, the footage was shot in HD, but was imported from tapes in SD, and the imported SD footage is what you're working with?

      Then, I'm not sure I understand the second question.  Are you talking about replacing the SD footage on your timeline with the HD footage, and hoping that your edits will stay intact?

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      If both sets of clips have timecode, and if the SD timecode was preserved in your original edit, then you simply need to perform an online edit, like we used to do in the old days. Expoert an EDL from the SD project, ingest the HD footage, then use the EDL to reconstruct your edit on the HD footage.

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      I'm unfamiliar with EDLs, but it sounds like timecode will be key there, as the HD footage will have to match up with the SD footage exactly to the frame in order for it to work and not give an undesired effect. 

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      If you're unfamiliar with EDL's you're going to have a difficult time performing an exact transfer of footage using timecode. Before you waste a lot of time and sweat, check to see if the camera the client used had TC in the first place. Many consumer and prosumer cameras that are HD capable don't use timecode. Sounds like your best bet will be to get the tapes and recapture the footage to perform your re-edit. Good news is; because you already have a completed copy, long as the client logged the footage you can just use the logs to go straight to the sections required. Now, if there are transitions between the cuts on the original edit, make sure when you capture you leave 3-5 seconds at the head and tail of the clips so you'll have plenty of room to work with. If you just capture the clips to the exact times on the original edit, you will not have space on the clips for transitions no matter how basic. You'll just end up having to recapture them and add the extra time.

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           Keep in mind that it is jacmelien that is asking the question.

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      Yes. I would like to recapture the footage (this time) in HD and manage to replace the SD footage on my timeline with the HD footage, and hoping that my edits will stay intact.

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