rent camcorder for interviews??

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      We are going to be renting a couple of camcorders or mirrorless cameras to shoot some indoor interviews (talking head videos)….we might have some shots using green screen as well but can

      We are not shooting for tv production, these are in house interview videos and we do not need top of the line equipment but quality hd video.

      Will be using Premiere Pro to edit the uncompressed vids( we have adobe creative cloud)

      we have plenty of natural light and will have lighting if needed.

      we'll have audio equipment as well.

      Not sure what to go with….a camcorder or a mirrorless like the Sony a7s (think that might be overkill).

      any thoughts?

      I think a couple camcorders would give me the best/most options and also be cheaper thru

      I'm not that familiar with the prosumer camcorders anymore (years ago we shot with canon ax-h1's…… if a good overall camcorder can be recommended…we would appreciate it.

      if anyone can point me in a few directions, I would greatly apprciate it, then i can do further research and see what fits best and get them ordered from lensrentals.

      thanks in advance

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      Space Racer

      I shoot a lot of interviews on DSLRs and even though the images look beautiful it's a pain in the tuchas  because they don't have XLR inputs and the video baked in once you shoot it….IN my experience the minute you try to manipulate the colors, it all falls apart. 


      I say ask the nice people at LensRentals and go with their recommendation, they get a lot of feedback from customers about what works and what doesn't, especially if you're doing green screen…And don't forget to set custom white balance with a calibrated white or grey card. It makes all the difference in the world in post production.

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      The Canon XA-25 is a great camera for the type of work you've described. XLR audio, decent low light, but not sure how well it will work with green screen. Just be sure to use a lot of light when shooting green screen.


      Philip Bloom did a nice review of the XA-25

Viewing 2 reply threads
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