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      I recently started rendering and editing my videos and I was wondering what kind of times are good. Currently it takes about a minute of rendering for every minute the video is.

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      AvatarSpace Racer

      It’s extremely variable, but 1:1 is not bad in my experience.

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      AvatarSteve K

      I suppose it really depends on what quality you are rendering. If you are rendering some 4K footage, as I have recently completed four hours of video work to be burnt onto Blu-ray, then the time rendering on my Pinnacle Studio 19.5 Ultimate, took approx 4 minutes per minute of footage. Your computer spec is obviously important to rendering speeds also. I am also an enthusiastic amateur on a steep learning curve. The results are worth it though.

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      AvatarSpace Racer

      And one other thing to add if you are thinking about chasing faster performance: newer editing programs use different parts of your computer to render video you might want to check whether your program relies more on the graphics chip for the CPU.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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