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      I’ve tried YouTube forum and the direct YouTube support in the past (with no luck) in attempt to solve this crucial problem for me, I hope you can help me .
      I’m experiencing a hefty decrease in video quality and i’ve tried almost anything (I think).
      I’m using Adobe After Effects CC 2015 on PC and currently the setting the produces the optimized result for me on YouTube is:

      Progressive field order
      Square pixels aspect (1.0)
      High Profile
      5.2 Levels

      this is for a 1080p animation, and even with this bombastic hugh files the result is as follows:

      in comparison to

      I’ve tried also changing the color work space, AVI (uncompressed) and DNxHR/DNxHD MXF OP1a codecs, didn’t make it better.

      The main issue as you can see is the blurriness/loss of sharpness on everything except the 3D bird, which is ok.

      I would highly appreciate help in resolving this issue!

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      I can’t say I am an expert on this at all, however I stream HD (720p) video through another provider and get the same blurred results. This will typically happen when streaming regardless of how good your a) original resolution and b) internet connection is. If you look closely at the bird in the Youtube pic you can see that there is a small amount of blurring in the details as well as on the edges of the bird. Streaming quality is not only dependent on your own internet connection to the provider but also on the provider’s connection to you. I always approach Youtube knowing that the streamed video, for the most part, is not going to be the cleanest.
      To really answer your question though, Media Encoder has an option for 1080p/30 for Youtube. Just export to Media Encoder click on the arrow next to the Preset option for resolution and at the bottom of the list there should be an option for ” Youtube 1080p HD”.
      Also if you have Premiere Pro CC 17, I would transfer it and export through PP so you can export it and then have it automatically upload to youtube. There is an option for this when choosing export settings within PP.

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      Instead of using such a high bitrate on your renders for YouTube, you might instead try upsampling your render to 4K and uploading that to YouTube. Some people claim that this approach tricks YouTube into yielding a better 1080p version of the uploaded video. Just a thought and worth a shot!

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