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      I'm using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 and importing GoPro Hero 3+ 2.7k raw video files that I compile to make one video and I render at 4K resolution, the problem i'm getting is the resulting file sizes are simply massive and the videos stutter, both audio and video stutter when I try to play them back on my computer. They even stutter like crazy and audio keeps dropping out and cutting back in when I put the video files on a USB stick and play them on my tv which has USB inputs. Could this video and audio stutter and drop outs be because of the massive file sizes?


      For example one video is 2 minutes 45 seconds long and is 1.92gb and the other is 1 minute 50 seconds and is 1.42gb.

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      Okay so rendering is a tricky thing and I am not a master, but I will do my best.


      What format are you putting the video into?


      What bitrate are you using?


      What was the source frame-rate?


      What is the project frame-rate?


      What is the render frame-rate?


      If we have this info we might be able to help. The stuttering could be because of inconsistencies with the file settings, or insufficient hardeware.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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