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      Hi, I am new on here but think this might be just the place to help.

      I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum and would like to know if it is possible to render HD video to a 32 gb SD 45 MB/s card to play on TV.


      Thanks, Roy

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      I would reccomend rendering to your computer then simply moving the file to the SD card, assuming it fits.

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      Rendering to an SD card takes FOREVER! I have also had the render fail unexpectedly when outputting to an SD card. So I agree with Mike. I'm sure that thrills him to no end! 🙂

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      It has nothing to do with the card. Rather, its the app. They load only the thumbnails whenever you open the app, and open only the particular image file when you click on the image. It makes the gallery open faster even when there are thousands of photos there. No matter what card you use, it will always render. The only difference will be is how fast it will render.
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      Thanks gents, I will have a go at doing what you suggest, just got to figure out what file format to use and assume I will have to format SD card to NTFS as it is FAT 32


      Thanks again..Roy

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      I got a bit flumaxed so tried again rendering direct to Sd Card.


      In project dropdown selected render as then folder E: (my SD card) then main concept MPEG2 program stream PAL widescreen then render, and all ok. See what you mean though about it been slow though, latest one is taking 9hrs. Didn't have to reformat card worked fine on FAT 32.


      Thanks again,  Roy

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