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      As the title says, for my next project I’ll need to edit a video “remotely”, meaning I won’t be anywhere near where the shooting takes place during the whole duration of the project. I’m looking for a way to get access to the footage easily and quickly, that is : not having to download huge files or getting a hard drive sent to me by mail.

      So far I’ve come up with two potential solutions :

      1. Do the editing on a remote computer with all the source footage on it, using a service like From what I’ve read this isn’t ideal because of latency issues.

      2. Download a compressed version of the footage on my computer, do the editing on my computer using this, then send back the “editing info” (ie. a text file containing all the informations about the editing, like cuts timings) to someone with acess to the source material, who will then use this information to do the final rendering in high quality. I know Final Cut can export projects to .xml for instance, but I have no idea if that feature can be used in this way though and haven’t found anything on the subject so far.

      So yeah, that’s my issue, if what I’m trying to do is unclear then please tell me and I’ll try to re-word it. I’m most familiar with Final Cut, but I’m open to other editing softwares if you think they’re more suited for this kind of job. I’m looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance for your ideas !

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe either of your solutions is viable. Editing remotely won’t give you a clear view of the footage, as the video stream will be low-res and you’ll be at the mercy of an Internet connection – and turning a full edit into a set of instructions, frankly sounds down right impossible… I mean, seriously down right impossible. If you’ve been hired to do the job, wait a few days for a hard drive to arrive that contains the footage, then you can use that drive to return the completed work.

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      I recently edited seven hours of footage from an eight page edit decision list — an Excel spreadsheet. The job paid a lot of money but I don’t think I’d ever do it again.

      Kevin’s right about the hard drive. It can be shipped overnight. An alternative would be to use Dropbox. Start the download/upload before you go to bed and let it run all night.

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      I guess it depends on how much footage but I’ve been using Bittorrent Sync (or Resilio Sync as it’s now called).
      Set up a folder on both computers and link using Resilio. Files copied onto one computer then copy across to the second. Once all the footage is copied across any changes made to the project folders copy across instantaneously.
      We used the same system last week in Paris allowing two editors to work on the same projects. We got the footage on the PC asap, then let it sync across. One person could then do the offline edit, save the project file and the second person could do the final edit.
      Worked really well and avoided the need for external hard drives etc.

      If you’ve not heard of Bittorrent sync then I made this video last year demonstrating how it works:

      Video Storage, NAS & Bittorrent Sync – Tips for Filmmakers

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