Remote control of Sony Cameras

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      Greetings. New here, first post. My first question has to do with the site itself. Has anybody signed up for the training, and is it worth it? I have a learning curve to deal with.

      Let me describe what I do. I have a one large 19″ rack of gear dedicated to live video production. It has one computer, a second coming, with a BlackMagic Quad installed, with vMix for live mixing, recording and broadcast. The system includes multi track audio input, UPS, dual monitors, audio monitors and headphones, with assorted backup hard drives, wires adapters etc. I have 4 cameras at the moment – a Sony HDR-FX7, a Sony HVR-Z7U along with 2 Blackmagic Pocket cams.

      I work festivals and corporate events. What I offer is to just about eliminate post production costs by recording the events live. I use BlackMagic Shuttle 2’s as both backup recording units and HDMI to SDI converters.

      What I have been unable to find is a method to remotely control the cameras, specially the Sonys. The BlackMagic are stationary cams, because there is no auto zoom or focus. What I would like to do is be able to control mainly just zoom and focus functions. Wirelessly would be fantastic, but I am already running wires, so…

      I am planning on getting 2 CamRanger PT Hubs which will allow me to control pan and tilt wirelessly. With all this in place I can effectively run 4 cams at once and require maybe one extra camera operator, or none.

      I have found the RM-1000BP Remote Commander a LANC remote control – but it is pretty expensive and more than what I require.

      Any ideas, input, leads or critiques most appreciated.

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      Hi, Everywhere I searched for RM-1000BP Remote Commander shows that it’s been discontinued. B&H offers a replacement of RM1BP @ $219.95. I don’t know how this compares function and price-wise to the RM1000BP. If this is still beyond your financial plans, you may want to look at the Libec ZFC-5HD @ $159.00 or Libec ZC-3DV @ $79,00. I use the ZC-3DV outside in weather (I shoot high school sporting events), and it has been great and has held up well for over five years.
      Best of luck!

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