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      Is there a free reliable video editing program I could use for video editing or cutting?


      The program should support mp4 format.


      Thank you in advance.

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      Any of the major editing programs will work, But make sure your computer has higher specifications than called for in the software. Adobe priemer , or primere elements , Vegas Pro or one of the lower grades of the product. There are lots of programs that work, You might want to down load the the editing software PDF file that is available on this site, Most if not all will support MP4 files.The free ones are some what limited in ability but Video Thang works and Sony offers free demos of their software. If you are using a Mac Imovie works and if you are using Linux, there are some editor applications available for that also

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      I cannot attest to their reliability, but I have heard video enthusiasts mention CNET and as mentioned by Chuck, one of the Top 5 as mentioned by another site include iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Avid FreeDV and something called Wax and Zewi-Stein the link to this top 5 article is HERE. Each of the respective links mentioned are provided there.


      Another site HERE talks about 10, mentioning several that are included above, with Zwei-Stein at No. 9 and Wax at No. 10. Avid Free DV is given an eight, but then some new ones are Blender, Jahshaka, Avidemux, MovieStorm, Pinnacle VideoSpin and Virtual Dub. Interesting enough, Microsoft Movie Maker is given the top slot.


      Hopefully, this will give you some possibilities to ponder. Let us know what you wind up doing and share your experiences with all of us PLEASE!



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      I agree with Earl, but Zwie-Stien is a pretty advanced tool and come with virtually no tutorials

      I just down loaded wax and watched the tutorial on they're site becuse it is a little complicated,but will work as a plug in with Vegas. Some of the free tools dont come with much training. Pinnicle video spin is a tool that works fine but I have'nt tried it in a long time. one other note Jashaka has aparently dissapeared from the web, sad because it looked like it was going to be a great free tool.

      Lightworks has come back and is a free download at their site, it out of beta now too. the link is :

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      Give Lightworks a try, its been used to cut major motion pictures, and there is a free version. It's a bit different than most NLE  but it works for some.  the free version is limited on codecs and does not have a built in titler.


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      Thank you very much for all the tips, I really appreciate it.


      I already tried Windows movie maker, however it does not support the mp4 format.


      Once again thank you and I will definitely share my experience.

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