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      My son wants to start a YouTube channel where he videotapes car washes and perhaps other mechanical-themed content. What type of release forms would he need to have? I’m guessing a location release signed by the owner of the car wash/gas station and releases for those who would appear in the video, either intentionally or unintentionally. My main concern is does he need a release from a manufacturer to videotape a particular car wash? Are there trademark issues? Does he need a release from a gas station franchise (say Chevron itself) in addition to the owner of the particular location? Do you use release templates you have purchased? What are their benefits and/or disadvantages?

      I have no experience at making videos to post on the internet and am worried that his videos meet legal standards in all areas. I want him to run his channel with integrity and have a great experience making videos and creating something he loves. Knowing what to do will also help me from being the annoying “worrying” mother, which will make everything easier and more fun. I would appreciate any advice. Many thanks.

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      Although there is a great deal of information on-line regarding trademark, copyright and privacy issues, I suggest you take this to an attorney if you want to be absolutely certain.

      We often post a fairly large sign — 3’x4′ — at a venue where we will be taping, advising that videotaping is taking place. However, that does not cover many of the concerns you express.

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