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      So I’m trying to get a youtube channel up and running on a fairly low budget, but I’m completely new to this. Because I don’t want to inadvertently raise my budget by buying stuff I end up not being able to use, I figured I’d consult existing experts on the topic of content creation about a couple of things I’m planning.

      First off, I want to do my recording offline–I find that I can think more clearly away from the net, and I want to be at my sharpest when making content. The recording itself probably won’t be a problem (obviously), but what I’m worried about is uploading the video back to a computer. I’m vaguely aware of the type of equipment I’d need for this (HD encoders), but I don’t really understand how they work or what exactly I can do with them.

      So, some questions:

      1. Is there any particular reason this camera ( ) wouldn’t work with HD encoders, or at least cheap HD encoders?
      2. What are some of the cheapest encoders someone could find?
      3. Could such an encoder [i]store[/i] the converted data from recordings to be uploaded some time later? I.e. I record on a camera and hook it up to an encoder, but don’t hook that encoder up to a computer. (Alternatively, if the encoder can convert saved recordings–i.e. I record on a camera without hooking it up to an encoder, but then hook it up to an encoder and a computer later and try to upload a recording I already made, that works too)

      Sorry if these are dumb questions, and thanks.

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      If you’re not familiar with the video creation process, then no question is dumb. First though, would be to learn the terminology.
      You mention “encoder” but I think what you mean is NLE or non-linear editor. This is the software app used to edit and encode a video clip. If you have a Windows PC, Moviemaker comes with Windows. It’s easy to learn and will have you editing in a matter of minutes. There are other products that can be purchased and installed on your PC such as Pinnacle Studio. Search on video editors on Amazon.

      The camera you linked to is cheap, but will probably will not deliver the quality results you’d like. A good quality webcam or even a used smartphone with a good built-in camera would serve you better, depending on what you plan to film. If you’re looking to move the camera around, go with a decent Handycam or cell phone. A webcam would work but only if you’re not moving around. Don’t overlook eBay for good used stuff.

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