Refurbished or new – best deal for the money?

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      Hello all. I’m trying to help a friend out in buying a video camera. She has $2000 and is torn between buying a refurbished Sony HXR NX5U and either a new Sony PXW-X70 or a new Canon XA20.

      I know a lot about video editing but not so much about cameras so any pointers will be very much appreciated.


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      The only way I would buy a refurbished camera is if 1) I personally knew the person selling it and that he/she had taken very good care of it or 2) it came from a reputable shop who was willing to give me at least a full 90 day warranty on the entire package.


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      And if you’re wondering about cameras, I’d go for the Sony PXW-X70 as it has the option to upgrade to 4K if she ever wants to. She may never need it but in this day and age that’s a good thing to have.

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      I have both an NX5U and an X70. Both are excellent cameras. The 5U is heavier and, in my judgement, not as easy to use for “run and gun” work. We’ve been shooting four to six hour days on a construction site with the X70 and it’s really a joy to tote around.
      Both cameras produce an excellent image and, as Mike points out, the X70 can be upgraded if and when your friend decides to try her foot upon the 4K ice.
      Like Mike, I wouldn’t buy a refurbished camera unless it was through a very reputable dealer like B&H and unless it had a warranty of several months.

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