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      Sharon Leigh

      Hello I am so glad for this website and forum.


      I have been asked to video a event which includes


      interviewing honorees during cocktail hour

      videoing event

      and doing a red carpet shoot


      I have done my research on the red carpet equipment and am going to look at the host event place today.  I also have a professional videographer rig I bought which I am learning.


      Question what kind of legal forms do I need to cover me and my equipment while at the event?


      I saw there is a pdf download of legal forms I am going to purchase.  Just would like some pointers as I grow in this business.


      Thank you in advance

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      sltoodle, congratulations on booking a job. It's good to see that you are anticipating the important but often overlooked aspect of securing rights, at least I think that is your question. When you say you want to cover you as producer and your equipment, that can mean many things. Before trying to answer the question, can you be more specific about what your question is. Are you concerned about your legal liability as producer or the theft or damage of your equipment?. Or are you merely looking for rights to use images catured at the event. You did no say who asked you t produce the video. Was it the organizers of the event What wil yoube doing with te video? How and o who will it be distributed. Your choice to obtain thebookof forms isagood choce and the archives here ar full of good business tips. If you spend afew minutes looking through the library I am sure you will find answers to your questions.

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      Sharon, thanks for the follow. I wish you success with your niche. Please be sure to share your experiences as everyone benefits from hearing tales from the front. Regards, John

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      Sharon Leigh

      Hello John,

      Please forgive me for not answering your reply.  I thank you for taking the time to guide me in the right direction.  I did the event for a family member it was her birthday party.  That was a more safe environment but kind of risky too.  (being family)

      I have been all over the place with what I want to do and have found a niche.

      I am now focusing more on my in home studio and production equipment.

      Just wanted to catch you up on what I have been doing.  I see that I need to also stay more involved in the forums and website in general.

      Have a great week.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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