Recording young (9-13yrs) kids

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      I’m a long-retired broadcaster creating videos of classical piano recitals, etc.

      I’ve been challenged to record pre-teen kids when they do a piano recital….but it hasn’t created a lot of positive buzz so-far!

      I got a Rode video/shotgun mic but it produces a low level and not much presence because kids don’t speak loudly when they’re “stressed”. It seems to be especially hard to get a good level from girls.

      Is my $$$ better spent on a higher-end shotgun mic or does it make sense to invest in wireless laveliers and just make the kids hide the “body-packs”? I think everyone would be a lot happier if they didn’t have to be “wired”!

      The parents love the way I can capture the piano, but no one is happy about the way the kids sound when they TALK about their pieces, etc.

      TIA for ideas/recommendations.
      San Antonio, TX

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      I would get a wireless lav kit. The extra expense will be worth it.
      A word of advice for you. Make sure a parent or other responsible adult is with you AT ALL TIMES when you’re wiring up a kid, especially the girls. In this law-suit loving society you don’t want to take any chances of being accused of wrong doing of any kind.


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      AvatarSpace Racer

      Definitely lavs. Shotguns are great but the modern ones have to be pointed directly at the speaker’s mouth, and the closer the better; however, if you can keep it within 12-18 inches, it should sound pretty good. Perhaps take it off the camera and put it on a boom or c-stand arm. And I second that business about being careful when you put lavs on people. As a matter of fact, have the parent wire up the kid and you just put the finishing touches on it. People are more nervous about their bodies nowadays and more careful with their kids. It’s probably a good thing even though it’s a big pain in the neck for production people.

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