Recording video from camera to DVD

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      I saw a man recording a live concert, he had a video camera and sound from a mixer piped into a DVD burner. He recorded the video and sound straight to the dvd burner(could have been blue ray don’t know).

      Anyways, how can I get the best results doing this? The reason it has to go straight to the dvd burner is because the dvd is taken to a duplicator and within 15 minutes he’s selling the dvds for $20.00/dvd.


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      We do it all the time in SD for legal deposition video. From a Sony PXW-X70 we go directly to a DVD burner. Works like a charm. In days gone by we went from a Panasonic Hi-8 camera to do the same thing. You shouldn’t have a problem. Don’t know whether you can do this in blue ray.

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