Recording Video – DSLR/M vs Camcorder

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      I was comparing a couple of these models… 1 being a Sony Camcorder and 1 being a Panasonic DSLM. Both are under a grand… I mostly shoot video of comedy shows. In one situation coming up the camera will be about 75 feet from the stage. Is there a clear cut winner and obvious choice between say The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK and a Sony FDRAX53/B for this scenario? Being able to take still with the Panasonic would be a nice added bonus, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. If the Sony is way better at low light or recording video over the Panasonic etc… It’s hard to compare a camcorder to a camera that does video online. Apples and oranges? Anyway, if one would be a way better buy over the other, I’d appreciate some advice from those in the know! I believe this particular DSLM can shoot long periods of time than some other cameras. Anyway, if it’s an obvious choice, I’d love to hear about which one is the way to go! I’m guessing I’d need a lens for the panasonic to do the 75′ distance clearly? Thanks!

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