Recording to SD cards and wanting to review on computer instantly?

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      Hello I have maybe a difficult logistical question I would really appreciate some feedback on. I work for a training company and during workshops we record participants. There are usually 10 or so participants and so they will do an exercise back to back to back each being recorded on a separate memory stick. As soon as they finish they are given their memory stick and are sent to another room to review the footage on a laptop.
      As of now we use very old handycam recorders from Sony, and the pro duo memory sticks that are designed for those. Our equipment was purchased almost a decade ago and at that time was the only option. We would like to have more replaceable cameras/memory sticks because they are no longer made. However, it seems like everything now is such advanced hd and uses micro sd 500gb cards and such. Is it still possible to record a video to an sd card, pop it out of the camcorder immediately after, and then put it into a laptop and be watching the clips right away? From what I’ve seen it just takes so much more time now to write to the card and for everything to be processed with hd recordings.
      Right now we have 4gb memory sticks and record in standard definition, and it works perfectly, but we won’t be able to find replacements for our existing equipment or acquire more for the growing business. So we need many cameras and many memory cards are there any options with more modern video recording devices that can fit our needs?

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      500GIGAb SD card?

      I shoot avchd for one particular job, and you pop the card out and stick it into my MacBook, or PC and once you find the actual file inboxed the stream folder, it plays instantly.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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