Recording indoor HS wrestling

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      Looking to record my son's High School wrestling matches.  All matches will be in dim High School gym lighting, up to 50 yards away from the top of the bleachers looking down on to the mat.

      These videos will be used primarily for technique analysis, post match, so high definition will be a requirement in order to see hand and foot position/angles on a 1080P 55" LCD screen.

      I would also like the ability  grab quality stills from the footage to print out some nice photos for the grandparents.

      My current budget is under $1K.




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      To pull high-resolution stills from your video, you might want to consider an ultra high definition (UHD) or "4K" camcorder such as the $998 Sony FDR-AX33.  This camera has a viewfinder, a headphone jack and a 10x optical zoom.


      Here is the image quality you can get from this camera (please watch YouTube clip at 2160p):






      This camera is a very good value for the money at this price point.


      Hope this is helpful!



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