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      I would like to add audio recording to a basketball game, of the ball striking the backboard. One often hears this in a professional video, so there is clearly a mic mounted near the backboard. As a first attempt, I took a wireless lavalier mic and hung it 12-inches behind the backboard. All I got were bursts of static, where probably some pre-amp was totally overloaded by the impact sound.
      Any suggestions to capture such an impact sound?
      Thanks, Rich

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      You try renting or even making something that looks like satellite Dish working with Mic is where the receiver for the dish would be. Something like this - Then point it at the hoop and record while doing so.
      This is a cheaper way –
      Here is another make your own –

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      Still have the same problem! It’s a simple one, you just need to adjust the gain! The sound of a ball whacking a big solid surface is VERY loud, so all you did was overload the wireless transmitter. You just need to experiment with yours and see if maybe the highest attenuation works. the -30dB setting on mine is pretty good for really loud sounds, but you still might need to test it. With the greatest respect Dave – hiring a parabolic mic system is expensive. Hiring somebody good to ai, the damn thing is expensive, and these things are really a very complex way to avoid experimenting with the pad that’s already built into the radio system. The reason these things are niche products is because of the hassle using the damn things. They’re also very band limited, so only HF sounds work properly, I’ve no idea where exactly a ball thwacking a back board comes in the spectrum, but I’d guess if you want a ‘thud’ rather than a ‘click’ it will be LF, which rules out paraboloids, which have an LF performance related to diameter. Most of the sports ones are 3K upwards for directivity to stand out.

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