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      Hi, I have just now signed up to this forum and in need of advice. I am hoping to invite local schools and colleges to enter a competition to produce a short promotional video for our local speedway club. All permissions have been obtained but as I know nothing at all about video recording my one problem is what should I specify to the entrants as a way of sharing the video with the judges etc I would prefer a hard copy rather than on line. Are DVD’s out of date for such purposes (I did say I knew nothing).

      Thanks for any advice any of you can give.

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      You leave a lot of unanswered questions, such as how many contestants do you anticipate and how many people will be judging? Are all judges in the same town or are they scattered across the country? What will be the length of each video?

      You could certainly do all of this on DVD. It would mean having each contestant submit a DVD and you would either have to collect all the DVDs and ship them to the judges, or consolidate the contestant’s DVDs onto a single DVD (limit here of two hours) and distribute copies to the judges.

      All of this seems like a lot of work. How about posting entries to a password protected Vimeo account; the judges could then log on and view the entries, either as they were being posted or after an appropriate deadline. No muss, no fuss. No cost, either.

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      I agree with Jack, using a video sharing platform is the way to go. An excellent place is, a site that is very sports-friendly. It’s not free, so if budget is a concern, use Vimeo or Youtube and either password protect or keep the videos private.

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