Recording CRT TV screens

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I am new to cameras and recording video and I need your help folks.

- I have an analog SD video signal (composite/s-video/component) (both 50Hz and 60Hz)
- There are few CRT TVs and monitors
- Budget - ~$2k for all the equipment (used/renting equipment could fine - would prefer buying)

My goal is to compare the visual quality of the image on the TVs and capture _high quality_ (1080p at least, 4k? maybe HDR) actual footage of the TVs for demonstration purposes.

Capturing the signal directly is _not_ an option - because it is about the TVs display and not as much about the signal itself.

I believe I have an idea how to solve most problems (geometry, dynamic range, colors) - but the issue I am at loss is how to deal with syncing the recording rate with the video signal/tv refresh.

Since we are talking about high quality footage any banding/out of sync artifacts are out of question.

So, I did a bunch of research - could not find any obvious solution. I spent a lot of time reading it seems to me that I need a camera that does gen lock. I also read about "clear scan" or "synchro scan" - is that even an option on modern camcorders? How about LANC? Anyway, I am pretty confused as you can tell.

I have _no_ experience whatsoever using pro/semi pro equipment - but I am quick learner. Not attached to any particular brands - looking for a best bang for the buck option.

Thanks a bunch in advance!