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      I'm the "tech guy" ay an elementary school. We will be hosting a health fair/concert this fall. We own a Sony HVAR1 Camcorder, and have been given a budget of about $3000 for additional video equipment. I've been ask to record the event and produce DVDs for sale.

      I came up with 2 options:
      1) Produce a "live" dvd in SD to sell immediately after the event -or-
      2) Produce the "live' dvd; also, produce a HD version (and better quality) that will be edited and made available a few days after the event for a few more dollars.

      The reason I'd like to use both formats is to provide SD to parents still using widescreen TVs, and HD for those using HDTVs.

      – Do I need to record the event in two seperate formats, SD and HD, OR, can I record in HD and convert the SD version?
      – What additional equipment (video recorder, computer software) will I need to produce the dvds?


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      You can record the event in HD and then, through your editing software, create both and SD and an HD (i.e. Blu-ray) DVD for distribution.

      You already have the camera so all you'll need is a Blu-ray burner and editing and DVD creation software. I use Sony Vegas Pro and Sony DVD Architect Pro but there are a number of different packages out there.

      You may want to rethink making an HD DVD. I've been shooting in HD for the past two years and no one has ever asked me for a Blu-ray disc as they're quite happy with a regular DVD. Most HD TV sets upscale SD footage anyway and as long as your source material is clean, it will look just fine.

      Besides, doing that adds an extra layer of complexity to your learning process.



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      I have to aggree with Mike in the last few years only ONE request for BluRay, That said I always shoot in full HD shooting (and framing a little wider) in 1080p THEN edit/outputting to 720p gives you scope to reframe & in some cases stabilse this gives you many more options in post.  On the downside 4min of h246 can easily be 1gig so half an hour of raw footage raly fills the harddisc's and you need a fair spec computer if you are going to run many tracks with FX.



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        I prefer 1920×1080 anyway and have the editor output high quality files for use by Adobe Encore to make a DVD. This results in a widescreen DVD playable by everyone. (In making this DVD you don't differentiate between SD and HD, the HD file is automatically downscaled to the DVD standard). But I still have an HD file, which is available for those who provide a flash to request a computer file (possibly because they may want HD).   It is also my experience, too, that people do not care about Blu-Ray because of all its limitations.

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      All ideas sound great, understandable, and very sensible. I will begin researching DVD creation software and all other equipment immediately.


      Thanks Again!



      – John

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