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My question is what is the safest way to record your Church Service without losing a church service.


I used a Sony Direct to DVD and a Computer to Hard Drive.  Sometimes the computer messes up. Sometimes the DVD fails.  I want suggestions... I don't want to loose a service.


Any suggestions?

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DVD recorders are pretty darn reliable assuming the disc is finalized at the end of the service.  You might want to roll a backup to an inexpensive format like miniDV.  You can pick up a machine on ebay for practically nothing.

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Do you use multiple cameras and switch live or are you only using one camera?  What is your setup like?  How are you currently recording to a hard drive?  If you are using a computer with video capture card, it may be worth getting a dedicated solid state video recorder. Hope that helps a bit!

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We have three remote contolled cameras and we have a switch I run live. We think we found the issue... the video was going into the computer and then out into the Sony DVD... the reason why was the splitter we used had a fire wire into the mac we were using... since in and out it would cause issues.  It would run great unless we had an issue one the computer... maybe the DVD's we were using for our masters were to cheap... as when we ran out we started using some that we had laying around...


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