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      H folks, Ive being filming weddings and events with great success for the past 6 years, but I have come across a problem with my footage that has been filmed on my Canon xh A1 tape camera. Basically, if I am filming people chatting at the wedding, I will record them for 4-5 seconds, plenty of time to establish the shot. I am now editing my footage and these clips are 1-2 seconds. I would never ever make that mistake in filming. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? It is as if the record button didnt kick in for a couple of seconds after I pressed it… I have posted a 7 second clip of some of the footage for you to see the problem… Thanks very much..Regards, Bren

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      I have an XHA1 and because of the tape loading and unloading, rewinding a bit, I never record less than 15 seconds.

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