Recompressing h.264 files

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      Ugh… I am SO frustrated right now.

      One of my clients needs a scene cut from a video I edited for them LAST YEAR and (since I obviously don’t have the assets any longer AND she can’t locate the original file I gave them) has sent me a video file ripped from YOUTUBE! Don’t bother lecturing her via me because I’ve already explained way too many times that this is not acceptable… she just doesn’t get it. Anyway…

      Here’s my question: After opening the Youtube-ripped video file in FCP7 and once it’s ready to render, how do I export it to a reasonable size without losing any further quality?

      Thanks in advance for your help and insight.

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      I have to deal with similar situations quite often. The person usually sends me the link for the video on YouTube. I usually never trust the version they send or link me to. I search for it myself and use a YouTube downloader program. The program analyzes the video and gives me the options for which one I want. I then download the highest one possible and then make changes and then re-render using the presets (YouTube or Vimeo) in Adobe Premiere. I have done similar process in FCPX

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      Want to know also…

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