Recommended camcorder for £300?

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      I am looking to purchase an HD Camcorder for use on holiday.

      I would like one that has good zoom, ideally one that adjusts to the light / darkness (not essential though), and one that stablises images as I have shakey hands.

      I’m not really interested in Twin cameras, unless that is just an added-bonus.

      I have a Sony Television, and would want to be able to play back any videos on the TV – ideally wirelessly, but I am also happy to connect an HDMI cable. I will only be cutting and cropping scenes within the Camcorder – I do not have a Laptop.

      I have just been to Currys where they have the following – would you recommend any, or anything better online?:

      Panasonic W580 – £210
      Panasonic V380 – £249
      Panasonic VX980 – £405. This one is out of budget and looks to be quite a large camera. Ideally I want the camera to fit inti a pocket or a small handbag.

      I have also seen the Panasonic HC-V770 for £380. Whilst this is over our £300 budget, would it be worth stretching our budget to this camera?

      Many thanks!

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