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      i everyone, 

      I need stabilizer/steadycam advice. I am brand new to this forum, found this forum while searching for steadycam advice. I am enjoying here. I am looking for solution that following stabilizer are easy to balance or not.

      Flycam 3000


      Flycam 5000


      Easy to balance or just headache.



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      Hi Ralph,

      I've tested several handheld stabilizers, the balancing and operation of Flycam stabilizers is similar to that of Glidecam or Steadicam. This is not necessarily a good thing though, both are relatively hard to balance and have to be quite often rebalanced, also, there aren't any distance scales on these for easier balancing at repeated use.

      The Flycam 3000 is approx. 2.5 kg + counterweights. With a camera of 2-2.5 kg you can pay attention to the fine operation only for a few minutes. I've found one stabilizer that weighs 0.49 kg and has a load of 4.5 kg, I've worked with it all day long using either an 5D MK3 or Sony PMW-200. It also has a bunch of distance scales for easier balancing.

      Here's a link about this:


      It's not as cheap, but at least it works as expected and its price pays off after a few shootings, I wouldn't sell mine, that's for sure.


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      E. O.,

      Th Mezdon looks to be a much lighter rig than the flycam.  I have to agree with what you imply.  You get what you pay for.

      Having alot less weight in the first place without the camera is so critcal.  Once you get fatigued, the muscle shaking will begin and no stabilizer wll overcome that.

      I'm kinda lazy in that aspect and found a used Steadicam pilot o fly my camcorder on.  A handheld like the ones you are talking about are impractical for me but fo dslr use, good for shorter cuts.

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      SPM Support
      You can go for StealthyGo from Varizoom.
      The StealthyGo Stabilizer for Small Cameras from VariZoom combines a monopod and a hand-held stabilizer featuring five modes of operation: stabilizer, 3-point shooter, hand-held, tabletop stand, or monopod.
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      the pilot system seems like a good choice. Are you using the pilot with arm and vest? For how long did you manage to use it with arm&vest (or without)?

      I've seen a clip where the operator was using two rigs at the same time, at the end of it there is also a making of.
      Do you think it's fake?

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