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Hello everyone. I would like to ask you for your opinions and feedback about what camera, lens and steadicam to choose.

So I’m a newcomer in video making. I already have a small experience in making videos but the quality of videos that I have made is just not the best. I had to ask my friends to let me use their cameras that were not for taking videos at all so I decided to by my own equipment. 

I want to make videos in action and here is some of examples

and here is an example of my best video that I have made so far

So I would like to get your help and feedback on what equipment should I buy. As far as I read in forums I understood that I shouldn’t buy extra expensive camera but I have to spend more money for lens. And those should be fixed high-aperture lens, correct me if I’m wrong. 

My budget is 1.500-2.000€ and I need camera, lens and steadicam.

Im sorry if my English is not the best but I hope that it’s easy to understand my idea. 

Thanks to everyone who will respond :)