Recomendations of a software for a novice.

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      Greetings, I don't have any experience using video editors, except maybe Movie Maker and that basic stuff.
      I was looking for recomendations of softwares to make a video with a frame like this:


      By frame I mean the torn paper in the upper and lower parts of the image, which should keep still until the video ends.

      I'm using PC, Win8, 4gb RAM in case that info is useful.


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      Others will probably have different approaches. For me, quick and dirty would be like this: on a white background in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, etc., draw in the outline of the interior shape — that is, the shape to be occupied by the video. Select a fill color– red, for example — and fill the interior shape. Save this drawing with red as a transparant color. Open this saved drawing in your editing software and run the video behind it.

      In a program like Vegas, which I use, I would put the drawing on track one and the video below it on track two. The video will show in the transparant portion of the drawing. Use the Pan/Crop tool to adjust both tracks as necessary.

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      Adobe after effects would do that for sure, but it maybe a learning curve. 

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