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      I expect the answer to this question to be a straight up ‘no’ BUT…. I recorded someone saying a few lines to camera recently and didn’t capture the audio very well.

      I DID capture the picture nicely.

      Is there any way I could re-record only the audio (just two short sentences) and match it to the video I have from the original interview well enough so that the mistake isn’t noticeable? Or would syncing problems be inevitable?

      Thanks for any tips!

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      Yup… Take the bad audio along with the video to the interviewee, play it several times, and have them practice saying it in sync with the original. You can always put headphones on them so they can listen to the original while you’re recording them speaking the lines. Run your audio recorder, the entire time – even while they’re practicing,as you never know when they’re going to nail it. Have them run through it several times.

      In post, break the sentences down to a few words at a time. Locate the closest match to each part, then do some minor cutting and tweaking to sync up the new audio. Many tv shows and movies have the actors overdub their own voice to brief scenes, where ambient noise or other factors may have rendered the original audio unusable.

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      You should loop each sentence, and then record all their attempts, then in a DAW, you shift them about till they fit. You can even buy software – although it’s expensive.

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      In the film biz, this is known as ADR.

      When re-recording, make certain the background sound is very quiet, or, ideally, the same as the original recording. If the background audio changes significantly, the viewers will know it.

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