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      i wanna edit a .mp4 video file in sony vegas pro. Can anyone please tell me what should be the format to which my main file has to be converted to edit easily in sony vegas. I donot want to loose my video’s quality. so, what should be the
      i) format to be converted to edit ?
      ii) final output format ?
      iii) project & render properties ?
      Can any1 help me out ? Thanks in advance.

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      You might want to convert the file into an mp2 fromat which is less compressed and lightens the load on your computer, I usally set all my setting to best, to maxisimize the final out put.

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      Why do you want to convert your mp4 files?  If your computer is powerfull enough, Sony Vegas has no problem working with mp4 files.  I do it all the time with GoPro files which are recorded in mp4 format.  If your computer is bogging down consider converting them to AVI files (but they will be bigger, so will require more storage space)  As for final render settings, it all depends on what you plan to do with the finished project….ie SD, or HD. burn to DVD or Blu-Ray or send to internet.  What is the final delivery going to be?


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      As far as I know not all MP4 files are supported by Vegas Pro, but some special .mp4, such as .mp4 (avc video codec, aac audio codec) videos.The reason of the error mostly lays in the video format codec parameters. 


      You can try to install some codecs. Whereas, it's not easy to install just proper codecs you need; all kinds of components would be installed blindly in usual, and many of which are not compatible with each other. To get rid of the issue, converting MP4 to Sony Vegas Pro compatible video like MPEG-2 is an alternative solution – it seems to be much easier and more effective.


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      MP4 support is native in Vegas Pro.  I know of no platform with wider codec and container support.  Virtually everthing I have ever dropped on the timeline works.  Adding an extra conversion step is not necessary. 


      I would be very cautious about installing third party codecs.  

Viewing 4 reply threads
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