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      doug gerber

      I'm thinking of taking the Capture Cinematic Weddings workshop series.  It's taught by Ray Roman, I checked him out and he seems legit, but I was wondering if anybody's taken his classes or can tell if they recommend him?


      Does anyone know anything about his workshops? are they worthwhile?  It seems interesting, but I just want someone's opinion that's more familiar with him.


      My background is that I've shot a few weddings while also shooting commercials and feature films, I want to step up to dealing with higher-end weddings and that seems to be what this course is all about.  Any info would be appreciated!

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      Disclosure: I don't do wedding videography. But I'm dubious about the value of most of the workshops I see. If you want to get into higher-end weddings, here are three key elements:


      1) Work the wedding planners

      2) Work the wedding planners

      3) Work the wedding planners


      If you are looking for an angle to sell, try something like this: "Your brother-in-law can shoot a wedding video. I'm going to provide a Hollywood production, with the bride as the star. Not only will the movie be memorable, but the process of making it, with your daughter as the star, will be the most memorable event of her life. She will never forget it, and she will love you for it as long as you live!"


      That sort of pitch, combined with the appropriate entourage for the shoot (makeup, lighting, audio, and so on), a bit of champagne, and a couple of jib shots, should get you where you want to go. 

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      Probably a bit late for you but I attended both the regular cinematic wedding workshop day and the Master class the following day in Toronto. Worth 5 times what I paid, I came back with a folder full of notes and nuggets that I can use in respect to our wedding videography busines. Definitely worth it.

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      Follow-up: probably more useful to know looking forward, I have yet to go wrong spending money on any wedding film workshop or seminar offered by the top wedding videographers like Ray Roman, Adam Forgione, Joe Simon, etc. They freely share their knowledge and experience which I always benefit from. Roman is releasing a video download of the workshop training which I would definitely recommend. Hope this helps!




      John Summerfield


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