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      Without getting into the story of why I didn’t have an audio recorder or mic for the camera, I filmed footage for Electric Daisy Carnival this year and, unfortunately, the only available sound I have at my disposal is straight from the camera.

      What would be the best way to fix the sound as best I can in Premiere Pro? I posted one of the videos in the link below so you can hear it for yourself. There needs to be a lot of bass cleanup among other things, but any advice on which tools to use to get the sound as clean as I can will be greatly appreciated.

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      Hiding to nothing I’m afraid – apart from the huge amounts of bass in the room, quite a bit has really pushed your age and it’s distorted too – if you can find the track, why not just download it and replace it in the edit.

      You cannot filter out the distortion, and while you can eq out the bass end – you end up with a thin unrealistic mess – sorry

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