Rate of service, help?

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Hi all,

I'm new(very) to this forum and would like your generous assistance!

First thing first, I'll tell you about myself! I'm an architecture student who has a wide experience in photography and has been doing several external projects over the course of 3 years. However, recently I've started learning videography for 9 months and have been steadily gaining audience over time. I've steadily improved through employing myself with small projects with the help of this audience. I'm also specialising in documentaries such as interviews and event recaps.

If you want to refer to my works, you can view it here: octorino.tumblr.com This not my full portfolio as some of them are very draggy in terms of length.

Now the main thing, as I've told you my stuff are not build upon professional learning nor experience but self-employed projects that have revolved around me and my circle. However, today I've suddenly received 3 video projects for a hairdresser's portfolio, club event, and an aspiring DJ from a friend. This friend of mine told me to charge them something and so far, I haven't done any charging at all!

I'm shooting on a D750 Nikon and 50mm 1.8 lens with tripods, slider, and stabiliser. I've got a standard sound recorder and lavalier. Therefore, all I can do best is providing a 1080p video.

So, I need your help on determining the price of my service (the minimum)! I was thinking of £50ish depending on the scale. For aspiring people who tries to build a name, I'm intending to charge them at the minimum to help them. I'm not financially struggling by any means, but extra cash would help me in buying better equipment in the future (I've got a long list).

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it very much and owe you a cup of coffee!

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In my judgement, it is far better to do a job for no fee than to do work for a ridiculously low fee because you're "aspiring." There's no shame in saying to a would-be client: "I'm new at this so I'm not going to charge you for my services; I need the experience. However, in future I'll have to charge for any work I do for you." Then have them sign a letter of agreement, or a contract, which spells out exactly what you're going to do for them and, most importantly, what you won't be doing for them. This should cover consultation and storyboarding, shooting, editing and delivery (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, DVD, hard drive, etc.)

Everything in pricing hinges on your costs and your sense of self worth. You must amortize the cost of the (probably) more than $2500 of equipment you have, and pay yourself a salary. I don't know what your fellow videographers charge, but £50 an hour -- $55-60 U.S. -- would be on the low end of my charges for jobs such as you describe; £100 per hour would be more reasonable.

Be sure you charge separately for shooting and for editing. Many videographers also charge for pre-shoot consultation and for any changes after the "final" version of the edit is approved.

Good luck.

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I realize this is not an appropriate place to post this but I can't seem to communicate with this system any other way. I joined a couple of days ago and posted a request for help. Since then it has sat unpublished. How long should I expect to wait for my question to be posted?

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It has been over a week since I posted my request for help here https://www.videomaker.com/forum/topic/can-i-get-some-help#comment-form and it is still awaiting publication.

When I try to get it published by creating a new topic it remains unpublished. What does a new user have to do to get his posts published?

Meanwhile I been getting SPAM from here for several days. It's no wonder there's so little traffic here.

Unless I get a reasonable reply to this post I will never come here again.
Posted: Sun, 02/05/2017 - 12:04pm

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Hey Jim! Sorry for the delay in getting your forum post published. It should be live now! Thanks :)