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      The Gimp

      Hi there folks.  I'm new to the world of video editing so please bear with me.  I'm a visual artist and my intention is to make videos that feature extended periods where edits occur every 2 frames at 30fps.   I've completed half the project on an old Mac using Adobe Elements but have migrated to PC.  I've started using a freeware program called Lightworks and while I'm sure it will do the job I was wondering if there was anyone out there with any experience in this area.  I have a large number of visual 'loops' of people doing repetitive tasks and I'm cutting between them in 2 frame segments so that the different loops appear to fade in and out as a function of the frequency of each segment.  I'm hoping there's a program that someone can recommend that can automate this kind of editing.  I'm getting old and my energy levels are not what they used to be.  Have a great day folks.

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      I believe http://vegasaur.com/split-events will do exactly what you're looking for. Just make sure it's compatible with your editing program.


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      The Gimp

      Totally on the money…  thanks Jack!

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