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      Hoping I get good advises in here.
      I used to work as a multimedia designer/video editor using Premiere. Im done some videos/edited of public and private events.
      I have a video shooting/editing/photography project next week in NYCity for a financial consultant..I did some photography and short videos for him at his signing book few months ago. I don’t have much experience as a freelancer.

      This time he’s looking to do an interview video for his website and break it into 12-2 minute videos in his office and outdoors. Also, I’ll be doing the video/photo editing. if you can direct me on the right track on the price I’ll appreciate. He wants to get the job done in two hrs the most. I’ll need to rent some stuff, another camera, maybe a slider, continuos lights, a lens for the Video. also I’ll be having one assistant. Thinking about $700 for the whole project. Im using Nikon D5500.

      Thank you.

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