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      First things first:

      I've used Apple products for quite some time, but I don't normally use a desktop to get my video editing work done. 

      Even still, I think the new Mac Pro that was announced at Apple's WWDC event should be interesting to the video production community at large. It even seemed to be presented as a video editing machine by Apple's VP. 

      Who I think it will really serve:

      After Effects / Motion editors should be excited. The Mac Pro will be overkill for finishing off your HD documentary, but motion graphics always seem to need more power.

      – Screen capture / instructional editors should also be excited. I personally make my records at 200-400% resolution, for added quality in zooming and moving around. This means the video I'm editing is actually 3K or 4K in size. Even a suped-up desktop workstation sometimes stutters through the edit session.

      – Producers getting a jump on prosumer 4K video capture should be excited, too. By the time the new Mac Pro hits the shelves, a handfull of 4K-capable cameras will also be available. Since Final Cut Pro X is already 4K/5K capable, this Mac Pro should complete a nice package.

      Since I dabble mainly in HD video documentaries and commercial work, and not motion graphics and animation, I have less of a need for the so-called 'heavy iron' workstations. A laptop connected to a fast external hard drive is all that I really need (and have needed) to deliver TV spots and social video content. Maybe 4K will change that. 

      What do you think?


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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      My only fear with the new Mac Pro is that we'll be limited in our video card options; i.e., no more and no less than what Apple offers right out of the box.


      Other than that, I'm really excited for it. The cooling system looks potentially revolutionary and I can't wait to see what they have in store for 4k cinema displays! While they didn't announce anything, I doubt they would tout the 4k output capabilities yet not evntually try to sell us the (thunderbolt) screen itself.

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      Re: 4K displays…


      Apple is hosting a suspicious Desktop Wallpaper for the new OS X Mavericks.


      The wallpaper is 5160 x 2880 pix, whch is just double the resolution of their current big screen.








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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Anyone want to place a wager on how much such a monitor will retail for?

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