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      I have a sony a7r that I am going to film a group of people doing group training in a large hall so there is going to me movement all the time.

      I will be filming in crop / super 35 mode 4k. I am going to upload it to youtube in full hd. I would like to use the extra resolution if I want to crop in on some parts.

      I can choose from 60 or 100mbit / s. Is there any reason to film in 100mbit or is it overkill?

      This is not a super pro job and I know youtube will use far less mbit-rate but I would like to know if the extra 40mbit makes any difference / advantage in editing or any other area ?

      Otherwise it just takes up extra space and I dont need that =)

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      If your intended target is YouTube, and your only rendering in full hd, 60Mbps should be more than enough. I would imagine that you’re rendering full hd at under 30 or 40Mbps (correct?). While there’s obviously a difference in quality between 60 and 100, when viewed on the average user’s computer screen, that difference is negligible, and most viewers wouldn’t know (or care about) the difference between 10Mbps and 100 πŸ™‚

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      Big thanks for the reply!

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