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      I recently purchased a new HC-V770 and have had major issues ever since. Specifically, it will bring up error messages such as “Error. Please turn unit off and turn back on”, or “Please check card”. However, the camera will not turn off unless the battery is removed and replaced back in the camera. Also, the red dot record indicator shows it’s recording but it is not. I did record from it for about half a day then it basically stopped recording.I returned it thinking it was a defective unit and it was replaced with another brand new camera (I went to the camera store where I bought it from and saw the new camera out of the box). The new camera (wait for it), does the exact same thing – only worse. It won’t record any more than the initial test clips I made. I’ve changed cards (all class 10), tried different settings on the camera, called the camera store where I bought it, all to no avail. When I look online, it appears I’m the only one who has this problem with this camera. I can’t believe 2 new cameras can have the same issue so I figure I must be doing something that’s screwing them up. Can anyone help me with this?

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      Did you have any luck with this? You’re not alone. I have two cameras doing the same thing. I have sent one for service and am awaiting results. The other just started doing it. I may return it if I can’t get satisfactory answers.

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      I had this same issue and thought my v770 was toast. Would look laggy and not actually record. The fix was to format the sd card using the built in camcorder software. Now it’s been working solid for over a month. No issues. Backup your files before formatting.

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      Thanks! I will try that. The camera I sent in to have looked at has been in the McLellan, Texas Panasonic repair facility for over a month now awaiting service. Pretty annoying. But the camera is so easy to use, I hate to abandon them. I am hopeful your solution is the answer! Thanks again!

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      Hey so glad I found this. I had same EXACT problem, was about to ship it back when I read Bonesquat’s suggestion above. That’s it, the CARD. I didn’t even format at first, simply took a different card and tried that, and works perfectly. Don’t have time right now to format, will do that next, but glad to know the camera is fine, just some weird glitchy SD card thing. Thanks Bonesquat!

      UPDATE: ok, just formatted the problem card, did it in the camera using its own format setting, and now works perfectly. Thanks again!

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      My V770 did the same exact thing. I too am sooooo glad I found this info. I was just about to take it back to Best Buy when I thought I’d google it just in case. WHEW! Re-formatting the card completely fixed my problem too. The printed manual had no info on reformatting, so I went thru the cameras settings and finally found it. Don’t give up, it’s all in there….go to “set-up,” and then on to “format media.” Easy peasy….Good luck…

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      Follow-up…. Since buying this camera in November 2016, I’ve had the same problem two more times. The first recurrence required re-formatting and loss of all recorded data, and the second time the SD card got totally corrupted and became non-functional. Fortunately, one of my sons was able to retrieve “most” of the data, but the card is now non-functional. There’s something about this camera and the SD storage procedure that needs some tweaking via Panasonic….It’s obviously glitchy…. In 7-8 months, I’ve had three catastrophic episodes….. I Love the camera, but….. would not re-buy…..Good luck….caveat emptor!

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      You should always format the SD card in the camera. Doing it on a computer, or not at all before using, will cause problems like these.

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      This is crazy. We’ve sent our camera to Panasonic in Texas two times because it freezes and gives an error message when we hit record. Panasonic has had our camera for 5 out of the 9 months we’ve owned it. They kept telling us it worked but offered no solutions. I see this, look up how to reformat our memory card and it works. I’m sending this link to them and maybe they’ll be able to actually help somebody else. Thanks everyone! 

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      I can not turn on the camera anymore. The battery is recharged (it’s new) and the light flashes red when I press ON and then go out … the last time I used it, the picture suddenly became scrambled ( horizontal stripes). I thought it was a problem of full memory card or discharged battery. I changed the card and recharged the battery: same problem. I did not insist on it. I retried the operation this summer: more stripes. Today, the camera does not even turn on anymore … What is the problem?

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      This definitely works. Mysteriously, my camera stopped working. I always kept it in the bag and I always take care of my things. When I went to use the camera and I kept getting the error message, I didn’t know what to do. I charged the battery, I removed the card and replaced it. Nothing worked. When I read one of the articles above, I copied all of the content from my video card, formatted the card and reinstalled it in the camera. Works perfectly!!!

      Good information on this site. I liked it so much, I signed up. πŸ™‚

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      Wow, why does this happen with literally every product I buy. Every piece of software or hardware I get. Nothing ever works as it’s intended. Then, on top of it all, nothing ever fits any of the problems that anyone else has ever had! How is it that I’ve had the worst products with the worst problems all the time?? I don’t understand. I’ve had this error message go off every 9 minutes of recording time. Every time. I sent it to Panasonic (multiple times), but because it will begin recording they send it back saying “oh it works”. EVERY TIME I tell them to continue recording because it will give an ERROR. I formatted the SD card, I reset the camera. C’mon that’s classic troubleshooting. I have the worst experiences when trying to enjoy any bit of tech. Literally. I am basically a qualified technician because of the broken condition I get every product in and have to repair myself just to see the damn thing turn on. Now, I will keep looking, but it seems that everybodys glorious solution is formatting the SD card, unfortunately that’s not the case for me and I will continue to struggle on this. Another few hundred dollars down the drain. I would have better luck building my own shit….

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      Well, if any of you bothered to read the V770 manual you would see that it states on page 40 that you must format the SD card in the camera.
      To thestruggle, if as you say every piece of software or hardware does not work, or work as expected, then it must be something you are either doing or not doing my friend. Possibly doing more research on the products suitability and compatibility with what you want to do before parting with the money.

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      When I bough the HC V770 it worked like a charm but only for few weeks before giving me weird errors and one day it won’t even start up. Glad I had the warranty on that thing and I got to replace it for another panasonic model which in my opinion is way better than the HC V770. Kiltzone Jobs

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      The Panasonic HC V770 is one of my prized posession, if you know what I mean. It’s a great product with awesome quality that still holds up to this day. Regards,
      Great Kilt

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      are you sure it’s a real good one?
      I had once … I can’t say I was obsessed with that

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      Michael BrewerMichael Brewer

      Good morning. Wondering if I can get any help on the problem I am experiencing. I run the HC V770 and have had great results, but I used it just fine and then I turned
      it back on and went to zoom and when I did it will no longer focus. Its crystal clear right up until I begin to zoom in. No focus then. Any suggestions?

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      I think, You should always format the SD card in the camera. Doing it on a computer, or not at all before using, will cause problems like these.

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