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      Hello Everyone


      I am new to serious DSLR videography and this site, and I would appreciate any opinions.  I have an older  Nikon D5000 and I've just bought a D7100.  I've shot a bit of video with both. I have to say that my new super expensive D7100 is a pain in the patoot for me. It's like the sensor is not large enough for the megapixels, and I can't use the F stops I want for depth of field without very high less-clear ISO.  I;ve given up on white balance with the D7100- even using custom settings with a white card does not give good whites, and forget any autofocus except pre-shoot single point autofocus and hope nothing moves, which is crazy for video–  my question to you is, have you used this camera body (D7100) and do you have similar issues?

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