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      I am new here and to the world of video editing. I came here to get some much needed help.

      I tried searching the internet to help me do what I wanted but I couldnt find anything. To make matters worse I am not sure how to technically describe what I want to do.

      So here goes…
      Lets say there is a video where the are a number of characters in it and there is a image silhouette of multiple people.
      I would like the video to start off normally and then zoom in on a character’s face,pause it, move the face around, show the silhouette and then show the face over the blank silhouette.
      I really apologize if this is such a stupid question or if I am asking too much but I just cannot find any tutorials online that could show me how to do this.

      Any help is much appreciated! Even links to similar videos would be helpful.

      I have included some links below so you can image what I am trying to create. Also I have made a very simple output of what I am trying to achieve. ( remember the “effect” would be a video clip in the end )

      Thanks guys.

      Video Clip:



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      I think you will need
      A) A Video Editing Program
      B) A Photo Editing Program like Photoshop or GIMP
      C) A World of Patience
      What you will need to, frame by frame where where you want the head to move, take a screen shot, then open that in Photo Editing Program. make the changes to the image as needed, then take that image and put it on the timeline, delete the original frame and replace it with the edited image. Then repeat this as many times as needed. This will be long tedious project.

      I do think the Youtube video you have linked to, was shot with green screen and the office scene put behind them. That is fairly easy to do, look up chromakey.

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