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      Im new to video editing and just purchased Adobe premier. I would like to know about the right video format to use for maximum quality after video is converted. Lossless?

      Im currently using Any Video Converter, and every time I convert a 720p HD video from You Tube, the video quality seem blurry. And I used WMV, original bitrate, and original resolution.

      Any suggestion on converting video’s online without losing quality? I mainly get my video from You Tube.

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      If your going for youtube you have to go H 264 then use the youtube preset and click maximum depth and render quality. For you tube you have to get your video size under 100mb or they will also convert which will result in quality loss. You cant use lossless because the file sizes are way to big! To lower file size use the bitrate adjustment sliders to maybe about 6 or 5 depending on video length! Not at computer but thats basically it!

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      If your trouble is about how to convert M4V video with lossless quality, maybe you can try to use M4V Video Converter Mac. It is for all iTunes fans to remove DRM protection and convert videos from M4V to MP4, MPG, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, etc with zero loss quality. After conversion, it will be much easier for you to play iTunes movies on Amazon fire TV, android phone, Windows media player, Android phone, etc without limitation.

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      With premiere Pro I just export the video as h.264, mp4 file. I export it at 1920×1080 with maximum quality, generally 20,000 kbps if it was shot in 1080P; or h.264, mp4 file at 3840×2160 with maximum quality at 40,000 kbps if it was shot in 4K.

      WMV is not a high quality codec. And 720P is a poor resolution compared to 1080P or 4K. A 1080P HD mp4 file exportd at 20,000 kbps will be about 150 MB per minute of video. A 4K file at 40,000 kbps will be about 300MB per minute.

      What is important is how you export the file. You are not going to improve the quality of the exported file by converting it to a different format.

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      As you are getting your source video from YouTube you are already at a disadvantage as YT re-encode uploaded video. This means that the bitrate is lower than the original video that was uploaded and it will contain more compression artifacts. The only workround is to download 1080p or 4k. Forget 720p, it is too low a resolution. H264 video is not a good format for editing. For this type of thing I think you will find Premiere overkill, and there’s that monthly subscription as well.

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      If you convert videos to smaller file size by lowering down the resolution, it’s impossible that you don’t lose any quality! To compress video to the smaller size,

      • lower down video resolution – quality loss
        cut down bitrate – quality loss
        trim unwanted video – no quality loss
        extract audio from video if the video is unwanted – no quality loss
        change video container/codec format.
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      Many converters only consider the format of the conversion but ignore the quality of the video. I highly recommend you use the Dumpmedia Video Converter, It can support many video file formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG and other regular video formats are available. And it can enhance your video quality, add Special effects!

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      Not all video converters are created the same. Some will reduce the video quality highly while some will keep the best quality.

      After trying the software, I found the DRM video converter is one of the best converters. It supports to convert both DRM and non-drm files. Also, it can keep 99% quality which is the highest in the market.

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      Dude, the quality of the video after converted depends on the source, where you have made it and source file( its original quality, site, from that you have downloaded it). Frankly speaking, final result isn’t good one in majority of cases, but there are some exceptions, like and everywhere. I am talking about the http://www.flvto.biz/youtube-to-mp4/, where the final file have good quality and looks like original video or sounds like original song. So, I think, that there is no anymore questions connected to this topic.

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