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      Here are some photos of my latest contraption.  I started with 6' of PVC that was $6, and about $2 worth of various connectors.  Now I've got 3' of PVC and about $1 worth of connectors.  This mini rig is made to use within the tight confines of various aircraft cockpits, hence the funky design.
      The grey utility box is removable so I can use it on my two-piece shoulder rig.  Plug 'n play I suppose.
      If the weather cooperates I my take this out on a flight to photograph the fresh snow over the Cascade Mountains this Sunday.  
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      your design looks great, like it will work well for the confining space in a cockpit, looking forward to the footage you get with it.

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      Hey Jason, we love this! What a great way to save some money and get the rig you need! We love DIY projects! Thanks for posting this and inspiring others.

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      Thank you very much!  I got it all glued and looks like it will work really well.  I'm really excited to give it a try on Sunday. Will give a full review.

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