Purchasing Now – HD or 4K?

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      I film some events here and there, but I can’t say I’m always filming. However I did go to school for film production and so I still maintain an interest.

      I currently have a Sony CX-330 and had been looking at the Canon Vixia G30 package on Amazon, but then I saw some Sony 4k Cameras for right around the same price.

      Does it make sense to go with the 4k? The price is negligible and although there is isn’t much 4k being utilized right now, that’s where the industry is heading.

      Wondered if anyone else was in the same boat and made a decision one way or another in this regard.


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      Mike Wilhelm

      The industry is very close to being all 4K, as far as camera are concerned, but it'll be a long time before 4K is ubiquitous in the home. That said, if you're looking at the G30, you might consider getting the Sony AX33 instead. Both are good cameras, so you might as well get the 4K option and be futureproof.

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      Having just bought a UHD (4k) TV, I can state that my 1080p footage looks splendid on it.  4k is fast approaching…

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      Hi Matt – I bought a 4K Panasonic GH4 and am selling all of my 1080p cameras.  Here's why:


      – a 4K picture downscaled to 1080p looks a lot better than 1080p originated content


      – you can "crop" within a 4K picture to create 1080p zooms and pans in the edit


      – still frames from 4K cameras are decent 8MP pictures – compared to the often fuzzy 2MP stills from 1080p cameras


      The highest image quality you're going to find for a camcorder below $1000 is going to be the Ultra High Definition "4K" Sony FDR-AX33, which is on sale for $998 right now.
      Here is the image quality you can expect from this camera:
      This camera is more future-proof than a 1080p camera and will give you much higher image quality.
      Hope this is helpful and good luck with whatever camcorder you decide to buy!
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      Without a doubt go 4K but also calculate for storage of these files. 

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      Hi Matt, I was thinking as you have in buying a 4K video camera.  I did extensive research online, saw YouTube videos comparing 4K.  My final choice: Panasonic FZ1000 camera.  It puts the Sony 4K video camera to shame.  Make sure you read about "rolling shutter."  There are YouTube videos that have side-by-side comparisons of the Sony 4K video camera to the Panasonic FZ1000.  By far, the Panasonic wins.  Since my purchase, Panasonic has come out with an interchangeable lens camera, the G7.  It's at least twice the price (with a lens) or more.  The FZ1000 has a fixed lens, 25mm to 400mm.  Of course, if you're using zoom, use a tripod.  I've done extensive tests and I am totally satisfied with my purchase.  Besides Youtube videos, do a search of the FZ1000 reviews to "see" for yourself.


      As said above, 4K files when downsized to 1080p is better.  


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      Nothing compares the the image quality I get with my A7s in really low light.

      I just shot my best yet at 6400 ISO but the camera is capable of going much higher and stay clean.

      In bright outside light, I would prefer a Pany HC-X1000, JVC  GY-LS3000, or a Sony FS7 CamCorder. I am currently using my GH4 for that.

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      I haven't been back on in a while, but thanks to everyone for all the advice!  Looks like 4k is the way to go then…  still haven't purchased yet, but will be going to Alaska so might soon…





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      Check out the CNET review by Goldman. Seems like an ideal choice for a reasonably priced 4K video camera that does a bunch of other things.

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      Go with 4K. You kan film in HD widt the camera if you so like. Or if you film in 4K you can still edit it on you old PC if you use Sony Vegas or Movie Studio. They both can make smaller proxie clips, that is easy to edit on not so up to date hardware. (My machine is from 2009.)

      I brouht the Sony AX33, to have as a secoundary camera, and will latere buy a more prosumer camera, maybe the AX100 or the next modell from Sony.


      But AX33 is good camera, but if your wallet allows it, buy a shootgun microphone to put on top of it, for the times where you need the original sound.

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      4k file sizes are part of the reason that I DownRes to 1080P30

      I now have only about 10TB of storage capacity.

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